Barterix, your new favourite mobile app

Create and ad and start bartering, it's free! Get rid of the things you don't need, you will always find people interested in making a barter. (Very soon available on App Store and Google Play)

About Barterix

All you need only in one app, start bartering now!

Elegant Design

Our design team made everything thinking in the best user experience. Enjoy Barterix!

Smart Search

All products and services has categories and you can filter the results as you want easily.

New App Award

We have received very good reviews from the bartering communities, that makes us very happy.

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Search by categories

Find what you need

Search product and services throw all categories. New categories comming soon.

You can see all the results on a list or if you want on a map.

Filter all results in the way you want. We have always products and services near your location.

Features Available

You can see the user profile and check the advertiser qualifications.

Ad Details

Check all the info of the product or service.

See the advertiser profile

Check if the advertiser has good qualifications, it's important to know who is the other person.

Common interest

See if some of the things that the advertiser want for barter are some of the things that you want to offer.

Map Location

Check the map, maybe the next barter it's in the next door of your house.

Save as favourite

You are probably interested in making a barter but not now.

Propose Barter!

If you are ready to propose a barter just do it. If the other person is interested too then will be able to start a chat.

Be The PART of The Change

Bartering was the first way of trading in antiquity. Why do not we try now?

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Some screens of this amazing app!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Barterix is free?

Yes of course! We are only a connection tool between the bartering community.

What about qualifications ?

Each new barter is a transaction and must be qualified to take care of the reputation of the users.

Why should I use Barterix ?

Because the bartering community is growing and you should take advantages of those benefits.